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The adventure starts here!
What an interesting place this is on the cusp of 2012.  Firstly, I love this time of year, there is so much energy around as everyone is feeling they have a fresh start.  The internet is full of lists, declarations of hopes and dreams and resolutions - there is an inspiration in the air which is infectious and intoxicating. 

But this is also 2012 - the year which has been the source of speculation, rumour and mystery for a very long time indeed.  There have been so many books, films and conspiracy theories that there is a different sort of anticipation this year and a lot of people are just waiting to see what will happen.

My own take is that this is an exciting time and we are moving into uncharted territory.  I intend to jump in tongue first and make sure that this year is an amazing year for the whole planet. I am starting right now. 

I have been working through the fantastic Goddess Workbook 2012 from Goddess Leonie, recognising what I achieved in 2011 and making plans for 2012. 

So 2012 is going to be the year that:

1. I learn to manage my stress completely;
2. I take my creativity to the next level and remake it as a way to financial independence;
3. I integrate my spirituality even more closely into my life;
4. I finish my Masters; and
5. I build a sacred mind temple.

Because I believe that time isn't something that happens to you, it is a resource for you to spend, I am going to make 2012 something very special.

The 3 words summing up the 2012 I am going to make are:


How are you planning on crafting your 2012?
1/2/2012 12:44:00

I have chosen the word Release because I feel it has multi meaning for me. To release into the world my creativity and gifts as well as release that which does not serve me.

1/3/2012 01:34:35

Hi Petrea

I love the idea of using a word with a dual meaning I am sure it will be really powerful and meaningful to spend the year looking at both sides of release.

1/2/2012 15:15:55

My word for the year is RECEIVE as I am wanting to let go of grasping and invite in ease :)

1/3/2012 01:45:12

Hi Jo

I love this idea of sitting back a letting the good things flow in!

1/2/2012 19:05:09

My word for 2012 is "exploration" - between starting my fledgling part-time copywriting business, and coping with my father's terminal illness, I know there are a whole LOAD of new experiences in store for me in the coming year.

I'm hoping that by framing coming to those experiences as "exploring", I'll be able to take some of the pressure off myself to deal with them perfectly first time around (not to mention that they're going to require me to explore parts of myself and inner resources that I haven't had to access at all yet)

Blessings (and LOVE the TARDIS shot, by the way!)


1/3/2012 01:47:25

Hi Tanja

With Exploration as your word for the year then maybe you need the TARDIS more than me! But I think you have developed a really clever attitude to your coming challenges by framing them as things to explore.

Sorry to hear about your father, I hope the year is easy on you both.

1/5/2012 00:56:59

Thank you so much for the wishes... and you're right, you know - I could do with a TARDIS of my own (or hey, I'd be happy galivanting around with Nine, Ten, OR Eleven - I'm not picky, I promise) ;-)

1/4/2012 03:04:42

"Because I believe that time isn't something that happens to you, it is a resource for you to spend"


I am making this a year of boundaries, pushing some, creating others, respecting the ones that need respecting, it's something that I very much need to begin working on.

I wish you a blessed 2012!!!

1/7/2012 01:15:58

Hi Dominee

I hope all your wishes come true in 2012. I like your word for the year, "Boundaries" both breaking some and creating new ones - sounds like a really good way to re-evaluate your life and make sure everything is serving you right!

Can't wait to here how you get on in the year!


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