Finding the Divine everywhere - even on my lunchtime stroll around the river.
In my last post I talked about the self-analysis I do whenever I find myself saying that I "don't have time" for Spirituality.

I have a busy life in a full job and part-time degree course and so I thought I would write about some of the ways I *Find Time* for Spirituality:

1. Starting Small

It is easier to find time for 5 minutes meditation than 5 hours.  Start with just 5 minutes and if it doesn't work out you haven't lost anything.  But once you get into the groove (which takes just under 5 mins) then you will easily stretch your 5 minutes into 10, or 25!

2. The Physical Is the Spiritual.

The root of Paganism is Immanence - the idea that the divine is in everything. Stay on the look out for divine inspiration in unlikely places:  that pint pot of paperclips you just spilled on the floor - that is a natural labyrinth for you to muse on. 

Rinse and repeat many times throughout the day.

3. Take a proper lunchbreak.

I always carve out a proper lunchtime for myself when I am at work.  I spend my lunch hour going for long walks around the area I work, I get some of my best thinking done in this quiet time on my own and have become a huge fan of walking meditation.

When I realised I could contact my Gods without spending 3 hours in silent meditation in a special room - a whole world of possibilities opened up.

4. Turn Off the Phone/TV/Computer.

I am constantly amazed at how we are expected to be contactable at all times in the modern world.  I find this constant state of being switched on makes it very hard to do deep inner work or even really engage with points 1-3 above.  If you are someone who is getting a never ending stream of texts, tweets and calls then turn off your phone and stop checking the internet.

5. Don't Let Perfectionism Put You Off.

I spend a long time feeling that if I wasn't wearing special robes, setting aside hours for practice and planning and executing elaborate rituals then I wasn't doing it right...and there was no point me trying.  Items 1-4 above felt like cheating to me.  Well I was wrong about all that! 

Starting is the first step - don't waste valuable minutes you could be meditating on feeling guilty you can only manage 5 minutes!

Finding small chunks of time builds up a habit and once spending time in your Spiritual Space becomes a habit then finding time seems to stop being a problem...that is what I have found anyway.

I am always looking for more ways to cheat the clock and find extra space for mindfulness so let me know how you manage it!
3/18/2012 01:47:01 am

My yoga instructor often reminds me that we do not call it a practice because we are perfect ;-)

3/18/2012 02:02:59 am

I love that! I have worked very hard to curb my perfectionist tendencies but I can always do better...and therein lies my problem :)

3/18/2012 02:14:21 am

Great ideas for finding the time! I love what you wrote about the spilled paperclips being a natural labyrinth to muse upon - what a great way to look at these kinds and things and see them as an opportunity to connect to spirituality.

3/18/2012 02:27:02 am

Hi Gin

Thanks for the comment! I just need to remember to do it when I am stressed at work. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it doesn't.

Just felt I had to say that so no-one gets the impression that I am some perfect zen professional, just muddling though :)

3/20/2012 04:44:29 pm

Definitely some gems in this post, Antara. I think the two biggies for me are starting small and unplugging. Since I had my wee mini-meltdown the other week, I've been making a point of completely unplugging at least one weekday evening and one weekend evening each week... and you know, it's really been making a difference to my sanity levels!

And I've been trying to fit in 5-10 minute meditation blocks in at various points during my day lately too. I still haven't got back to the point I was at in the UK where I was faithfully meditating every day... but I'm starting to get to the point where I'm meditating more days than I'm not, which is quite an achievement in itself :-)

Blessings - TANJA

3/22/2012 06:24:35 pm

Hi Tanja

I hear you! I know how it feels when you get so overwhelmed you feel like you don't have time for meditation etc. It is so hard to remember that even doing little things adds up - I have had a tough couple of weeks at work and have been struggling with it myself!


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