A little bit of integration goes a long way. - The Witches Table
I think very few Witches get to enjoy a true integration of all parts of their lives in one joined up tapestry.  Most of us compartmentalise our lives a little bit because there are lots of people in our lives who are probably not very supportive or understanding of the witchy stuff.

I am definitely in that camp.  I have a day job in a successful but very traditional career.  I knew from a young age I wanted that career and so even though I was a pagan before I was a lawyer I had already began to separate out bits of my life, because being a lawyer is hard enough without being labeled a crank.  Fast forward to today and we have a case in point. So I have a spiritual life and a mundane life and they are not integrated at all.  Not one little bit.

I had two projects to work on today.  One is a work project which is a bit dull and I am committed to for the next 18 months.  One is a creative project for my Antara life which I am committed to but is lots of fun and doesn't really have a end date (lets call that the Antara Project - since it is closely connected to spreading my Antara wings). 

For the work project I stuffed myself in my attic study, powered through it, resented the fact it took longer than I'd hoped, felt worried that the middle section wasn't very good and then realised I'll probably have to spend a few more hours working on it tomorrow (which I wasn't expecting) and got really stressed, frustrated and annoyed.

Then I did a bit of work on my Antara Project. Before I started I set up a table and umbrella in my sunny garden, centered myself spiritually, lit powerful incense, lit a candle and with joyous abandon wrote 1500 words like there was no tomorrow.

When I write it down so starkly the difference is clear. I am honouring and in control of one of the projects and it isn't the work stuff. I think if I approached my work projects with the reverence and acknowledgement of spirit I harness when I engage with my creative projects then life might be a little be easier for me.  That is tomorrow's goal - I'll let you know how it goes.
4/24/2011 08:17:12

It's so true that things are so much easier when you sing from your soul - because that is what the real you wants to do!

I've been working on my magickal garden this weekend and it is a great pleasure, especially when you begin to see positive results! ( Although it did involve fishing a dead frog out of the fountain!)
I'm physically exhausted tonight but it was all worthwhile.
Good luck with both projects tomorrow!

4/24/2011 16:05:55

I am so desperate to see your garden now Amalthea, after all the recent work you have done on it. It must look gorgeous!

I did a little gardening on Saturday and it was so uplifting to my spirit and really started the day with a zing, so I can imagine you are both tired but feeling pretty amazing by now.


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