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I fluctuate in my relationship with the Tarot, sometimes it works well for me, other times I need the clean simplicity of the Runes.  But then I have never been great at divination.  I firmly believe that all magickal practitioners should have a divinatory system they are comfortable with (even if they rarely use it) but I know where my strength are.

But I do think that Tarot is a powerful tool for working magick and one which is often overlooked. To illustrate that I wanted to suggest a simple exercise to help you with visualising and manifesting “more of what you need”.

I would take your Tarot deck and sit calmly, perhaps light some candles and incense or meditate first, to really signal to your mind that you are taking your attention away from the mundane worries of the day.

Then we need to think a little about what it is you are looking to bring more of into your life; money and love are perhaps traditional but the Tarot can do so much more that these things. For example you could look for financial stability or a business opportunity; you could be seeking a spiritual mentor or for greater creative flow in your life.  As you are thinking about the amazing things you are seeking to bring into your life start to leaf through the deck, look at all the cards and pick the one that catches your attention as holding whatever it is you are looking for.  Don't worry about *getting it wrong* just let your intuition guide you and don't spend too long looking at the cards at this stage.

Once you have picked your card, now is the time to really scrutinise it. Look for all the little details in the card which you are associate with the thing you are searching for.  Once you have scrutinised the card carefully, start to meditate on the card allow your eyes to un-focus from the card and see if elements of the design come into sharper focus.  You may find some aspects of the card grey out whilst other elements become brighter.  Pay attention to these little cues, this process is all about becoming familiar with the card visually and psychically/energetically.  I want you to really feel the energy in the image, feel it, imagine it, visualise it (whatever your preferred method) but I also want to you really connect and understand the card.  It is during this process that hopefully you will start to pick up insights about your relationship with the "thing" you are seeking more of.  Concentrating in this way may reveal to any blocks within your own mind connected with what you are seeking, or give you inspiration and ideas about how to manifest what it that you want. During the meditation you are looking to keep yourself open to receiving some sort of message from the card itself and if such a message comes, by words or images or even a smell then just note that it has happened, you can come back to it later to assimilate it or evaluate it further.

I find that the reason this works is due to the rich imagery of the Tarot, this gives your brain a lot of space and a lot of inspiration to start free associating ideas.  Within that free associating will probably be something which is a powerful trigger to help you get where you want to be. 

Check out the free ritual Journey with the Fool for another way of approaching this exercise more formally as a tool to understanding the Tarot.

For example I may be looking for a greater sense of calm in my life and in my first flick through the deck I see the sense of calm that I want on the face of the High Priestess.  In thinking about how the card relates to my getting more "calmness" in my life I might reflect that there is nothing in her surroundings which would particularly evoke calm.  Which could lead me to the conclusion that such a sense of calm comes from within and that is what I have to work on because I won't find it outside myself. I kick myself that this is so obvious, but really I just needed to give myself a bit of space to work it all out because normally I am too busy to really process things properly.

You may be thinking "Oh Antara, this isn't magick, this is psycology."  To which I would answer, "maybe". But I think this sits in the broad place magick and psycology overlap to the point that the distinction is meaningless.

Oh and if this doesn’t work for you…don’t worry.  Come back and try it again maybe or just leave it behind and try something completely different, you aren’t necessarily “doing it wrong” maybe this method just isn’t for you…and that is ok!
10/19/2011 05:07:14

For several years some of my circlesisters came over with the journey of the inanna tarot spread which not only could seen as a spread but as a complete journey - it was a real big thing. To go through all the passages.
And some of us experienced around the power of standing tarotcards like runes. What means that you bring your body in the position that is connected with the card and do a kind of meditation, very interesting too.
There are thousands of things one can do with tarot or oraclecards. I LOOOOOVe it. Thank you for your post.

10/19/2011 05:18:41

Hi Jana

Thank you for commenting!

I am completely intrigued by your description of the journey in the Inanna Spread. Sounds amazing and very similar to how I experience Runes. I would love to hear more about it.

10/19/2011 07:33:44

I have used the Tarot in similar ways for years. I became adept with tarot after twenty plus years of working with it as a divinatory tool, and then something shifted and it became much more important to me to work with it as a soul mirror, a catalyst for change, and a visualization aid. Thanks for this. xo

10/19/2011 08:00:53

Thanks for commenting Effy, I would love to hear more about how you work with it as a magical tool as different from a divinatory tool!

10/19/2011 08:12:56

"take your Tarot deck and sit calmly, perhaps light some candles and incense or meditate first, to really signal to your mind that you are taking your attention away from the mundane worries of the day."

I really recommend what you said above Antara ~ it's a cure for that grey mental fog we sometimes kick up around ourselves!

10/19/2011 08:39:28

Hi Stella

I am in the process of writing an Eclectic Witches Guide which covers things like the above and Grounding etc. Because whatever your background or tradition there are some key things which are always relevant and yet so easily forgotten.

10/19/2011 09:08:48

I love this. You so beautifully describe a process of oneness with cards - of entering into space with the divination tool. Lovely.

10/19/2011 09:19:05

Hi Lori-Lyn

That is so kind.

I think when we divine with the cards there are so many cards and maybe another person who we are interpreting for that it is easy to miss the deep and rich experience of truely inhabiting a single card for a time and listening to the specific lessons it has for us right now.

So I wanted to suggest a little way of bringing that more into our practice.

10/21/2011 13:22:24

Lovely post! I've used the tarot in intention setting, altars and magical workings for years but not recently. I got a little gunshy after a very powerful working with the Devil card, which led to a year of facing my shadow and tendency to give over my power on so many levels! I feel the tarot is not always given the respect it deserves as a very powerful tool for transformation.

10/21/2011 13:44:22

Hi Jo

Thanks for the comment!

I definitely agree you can have big experiences with the Tarot which can shift a lot of energy. But I can certainly see why you might have needed a break after a year of dealing with all that shadow stuff.

11/4/2011 16:19:34

Hi Antara,

This is both a lovely idea nd very, very powerful. I am working with my new Gaian Tarot and working in this way I really feel the cards speaking to me. It's actually a great way to "break in" a new deck. Thank you!

12/11/2011 13:30:30

Hi Sara

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment!

I am really loving the new Gaian Tarot and it is great hearing how many people are recommending it!


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