My Imbolc sunflower in bloom.
So... down to the nitty gritty review of the Radiant Goddess course.  This is something I have been using to help me keep integrating my body with my mind and soul!

I'll start with a disclaimer…well two disclaimers.

1. These are affiliate links but only because I have been working with Leonie Dawson's material for over a year and have found it genuinely good.

2. I have used the Radiant Goddess course for information and inspiration - I haven't followed it slavishly to the letter.

The ethos of the course is taking a holistic look at a number of different elements of health; from physical to mental to metaphysical. The course has a mixture of recipes, exercises, menu plans and 21 daily videos to keep you inspired and on track.  I really enjoyed the videos and found that they gave me a great little boost and...that little boost is the most important part of any programme for me.  Most of us know what we *should* do to be healthy - eat more fruit and veg, get some exercise, spend some quiet time relaxing etc.  I don't need someone to tell me (yet again) I should eat more fruit and veg - what I find useful is someone inspiring me to eat more fruit and veg.  That is what the course does, it inspires you to push these practices to the top of your To Do list.

The Radiant Goddess course covers areas as daily meditation practice, raw foodism, movement (rather than exercise), drinking plenty of water and taking time for exploring your spirituality. It introduces them in a way which is friendly, encouraging and puts the focus firmly on a holistic and sustainable practice.  Very cool!

What I love about this course is that is helps me establish healthy factors as daily habits (21 days is the length of the course and the magic number of days it takes to establish a new habit).  The course is phrased entirely as a soulful enhancing experience, there is no demanding regime, no beating yourself up and eating a diet which doesn't sustain you. The idea is to incorporate practices which help you shine and don't feel like a punishment.

It is precisely this attitude which I love and which is changing my ideas about my relationship with body and food. Eating to support my body is a far better internal message and cutting out the naughty foods.  Moving in a way which increases my radiance is far more motivating than going for punishing runs which I hate and find stressful.

I eventually found myself judging foods on their taste and nutritional value combined, on how they would support my whole system…including my enjoyment.  Which is not to say that I don't still eat biscuits and drink diet coke (because I still do!) but I now have a Green Smoothie every day, eat far more fruit, veg, sprouts, nuts and less wheat, dairy and meat.  I feel I am moving towards a diet which is more sustainable for my health, the planet but also my spiritual work…and that is really really exciting!

Living the Radiant Goddess way seems to be echoing my favourite part of Doreen Valiente's  Charge of the Goddess.

"All acts of love and pleasure are My rituals."

Treating my body with delightful movement, nutritious living foods and calming meditation is both loving and deeply pleasurable. I suspect I

I was so inspired by the Radiant Goddess Course I even invented my own raw food recipe Chocolate Banana Fudge Balls.  Stay tuned for my next post when I'll share it with you!