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Treadwells runs a fantastic rolling programme of speakers and workshops throughout the year and I don’t get to go to anywhere near as many as I would like. 

Recently though I saw that T.Thorn Coyle was speaking and since I had just  started listening to her podcast and reading her blog it seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  T.Thorn Coyle is one of those rare practitioners who is out there, practising, building on what knowledge we have and taking it a step further. I have really enjoyed her no-nonsense approach to magick and witchcraft and was really keen to listen to what she had to say.

The reason I have titled this post “Spending an Evening with” rather than “Attending a Talk”, is that, in line with her practical approach there were several exercises which she led us through during the evening as well as the talk and Q&A.  I was over the moon that she took this approach and found that all the techniques were simple and yet powerful.  In fact they have provided me with an interesting new way of framing and structuring my own personal practice which is very exciting (I was up at 6.25am trying this out I was so energised by the evening).  I hope to start seeing some great new results from that shortly. I also really liked the fact that the emphasis was on technique and practice which meant it was very easy to use in any personal tradition in which you work. Thorn was exceptionally knowledgeable about a variety of different traditions and paths which meant she was able to give examples in numerous different paradigms this made the talk very rich but also gave me immense confidence – this is someone who has studied extensively and clearly sees where the different traditions converge and overlap.  This is an approach I have advocated (hence my own eclectic bookshelf) because many paths are using the very similar basic frameworks just with different icing on the top.

The core of the talk was Self-Possession as “integration”.  Thorn advocates that we should be integrating the higher self with the body, not attempting to transcend the body to inhabit only the higher self.  As I was listening to the talk it did open up a whole new aspect of the classic phrase “As above so below” which, when you think about it in this way is clearly about integration not transcendence.  This is the other reason I went along as integration is currently something I am working very hard on, trying to expand the person I am when I am working magic into the rest of my life until there are no divisions.  So Thorn’s exercise on the Crown Chakra was particularly good for me here – if you want to know what the exercises are then you’d better buy the books

In my experience as a witch and as someone who tries to attend various talks and workshops you get a sense of who has “got it” and who hasn’t.  There are plenty of people on the “talks circuit” generally (not necessarily Treadwells who have very high quality speakers)  who are not walking the walk.  Then there are other people who radiate with energy, who are so utterly real and present and who fill the room you can feel how powerful they are in their tradition. Funnily enough these are also the people who practise... a lot... and have total confidence in their work because they are living it. Whenever I come across one of these people I always sit up and listen because I can tell that they really “know” what they are talking about.  Thorn Coyle is one of those people – if you get the chance to hear her speak then I would snap it up!

I have added both of Thorn’s books to my wishlist and once I have finished the current pile of books I have on the go I hope to be buying them.  I’ll certainly reporting back on them and letting you know my results.

Coming in from the Psychic Cold.
Disclaimer: This isn’t a “how-to” blog post.  This is a message to hang on in there.

Just a short post today after my mammoth exploration into AltarWork.  I wanted to recount some of my personal experiences with both being and not-being psychic.  When I first started out in Paganism over 10 years ago I didn’t think or feel like I had a psychic bone in me.  I freely admit to feeling very jealous of those for whom psychic experiences came so easily. 

When I did start to have pagan spiritual experiences they seemed to be “all in my own mind” and I constantly questioned whether they were real, whether or not they felt real or whether I had made them up.

But I kept going, I kept trying, I kept reading books and getting advice and doing exercises and trying to let it all just flow.

Many years down the line and psychic work still doesn’t come easily (it probably never will and I am o.k. with that) but it does come.  I still have days of extreme doubt but I can shrug that off and concentrate on what is important and hear the messages the Universe is trying to tell me.  Sometimes the messages are images in my mind, sometimes I just feel energy moving in different areas of my body, rarely I hear things and rarer still I see things with my eyes. But I did it and from a standing start.   There was no big bang.  I didn’t read the one perfect book and wake up seeing ghosts round every corner, but I did get here.   So can you if you want to.

Just hang on in there.

Some of our Ladies recently went on a fabulous trip to the Crop Circle Convention earlier this Summer.  Crop Circles are a fascinating puzzle in the UK which never gets solved, are they a hoax, created by aliens or sacred, natural temples.  Whatever your view they are getting more beautiful and more intricate with every passing year!

Amalthea took some photographs from the helicopter ride and there is a fabulous new page for those pictures here.

I'll just put a little teaser in the post as well to entice you to check the page out...