I have had a meditation sitting on my computer for a long time (about 3 years) and I have been meaning to give it a quick tweak and publish it for ages.  Well tonight with a little bit of an Imbolc push and some help from Bridgit's inspirational fire, it is done.

Meditation on the Source

I have put it up in the free resources section.  At this stage it is only a transcript - one day I hope to record it with my plummy Brit accent.
Mani from the Gaian Times has yet again put out a fantastic magazine which is really filling a niche in the UK scene.  I love his work and I am so proud he has printed my article on Organisational Theory for Pagans - something which I am sure will ruffle a few feathers.

Come and check it out at:  Magickal Groups that Soar!

and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Light on Bamboo
Ok - there is a big wide world web out there and it is time to launch words on the wind as well as in the hearth of the Witches Table.

Taking off today is my new twitter account: @AntaraVox


I'll be posting an Autumnal thought for the day, each day, leading up to the Equinox.  This is a short series of musings to help me align with the changing energies of the season and if you want to join me then I am tagging all my tweets with the following:

Come and join me get ready for the Autumn Equinox.
Phil H of the Ritual and Chaos Magic Blog has an interview up today;  an interview with me!

Please go and take a look at the interview and the rest of his very interesting blog here.
Some of our Ladies recently went on a fabulous trip to the Crop Circle Convention earlier this Summer.  Crop Circles are a fascinating puzzle in the UK which never gets solved, are they a hoax, created by aliens or sacred, natural temples.  Whatever your view they are getting more beautiful and more intricate with every passing year!

Amalthea took some photographs from the helicopter ride and there is a fabulous new page for those pictures here.

I'll just put a little teaser in the post as well to entice you to check the page out...
I am still learning all about this website stuff and slowly tweaking and improving this site and blog.

Which leads me to a short announcement that I have recently tweaked the Free Resources section and put up all the items as downloadable pdf documents.

So if you haven't visited in a while then do have a poke around.  Please let me know in the comments if anything isn't working right :)