Today's post is brought to you by Lillith who is giving us an introduction into the world of poppet magic.

I began making poppets when I stumbled across a copy of a book I had owned as a child in a second hand bookshop. The book contained a pattern for making the felt ponies my beloved aunt had made to salve the sadness of my child self, desperate for a pony in an impossible urban environment. Rediscovering the pattern at a time when for the first time in years I was riding horses and revitalised by their energy seemed especially potent. I decided to further relive my girlhood by making a felt pony just like the old ones.

But making the ponies for myself was different; after making a couple of prototypes the idea of developing them into magickal poppets took hold. The pony poppets seemed to take on a life of their own, demanding to exist for the owners they chose. First I made a set of four each representing an element, I called upon the guardians of each element to guide my work and meditated upon the role of that element in the magickal work we were engaged upon at the time. I gave each one of the Ladies her elemental pony for a Yule gift. Each pony which has since demanded creation has been made for a specific person with colours and symbols which are significant for them; in a sense the poppet pony reflects meaning in the way a Tarot spread does for the individual concerned. Through them I have connected with Epona and Rhianna and recognised the importance of equines to my spiritual life, something which had been buried for decades.

Whist the little equines will always be galloping out of my work basket to seek their owners, I am now working on other poppet creatures and divine dolls.