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What did I do today to celebrate, heal and elevate someone else?
This is traditionally a time of balance when the night and day is of equal length.  Because this is a time of year when the energy is in such balanced harmony it is also a good time to take stock.  Going into the dark period of the year, what did you achieve and what have you yet to accomplish.  Thanks to some inspiration from Crafting the Sacred I was looking at the Equinox as a time to balance the books of my life.  I had a whole post in my mind on that theme ready to go.  The Equinox is not traditionally a time for Pagans to get fired up and go out and do something - that is for the fire festivals....or is it?

Then on Wednesday night (UK time) the US executed a prisoner on death row. Thanks to T.Thorn Coyle here I found myself thinking that going into the Equinox there was a great deal of injustice and imbalance in the world right now.

So instead of this being a post about balancing my life I am going to pledge to do one thing this Equinox to bring some balance, some equality and something which celebrates and elevates humanity.  It doesn't have to be big, it might just be donating to charity but let's make the Equinox a time to act, a time to balance the scales in the world.

If we all took one step at the same time the tremors could be felt around the world.
9/22/2011 09:06:29

Wouldn't it be luvverly if people of ALL religions took it upon themselves to help Balance the world at this time of year?

Thanks for the inspiration, sweet Antara. I'm going to do my bit!

the goddess known as Jacqui

9/22/2011 09:42:59

Bright and blessed Autumn Equinox to you, Antara,

I think this is a most excellent way to celebrate the equinox. It would be wonderful if it became a tradition for everyone to do this at each equinox and help shift the imbalances of the world scales toward a peaceful balance.


9/22/2011 09:52:10

Dear Jacqui

You are absolutely right of course Jacqui.

Thank you for the comment and encouragement!



9/22/2011 09:53:42

Dear Bird

I can't tell you how much I love your name!

Thank you so much for commenting, I am so pleased you found it valuable.


9/22/2011 11:51:39

Beautiful message, Antara! I am always so proud of my commitment to self improvement... but the commitment to turn that light outwards is just as important, and I forget that sometimes. Thank you for reminding me!

9/22/2011 12:07:04

Hi Marla

Thank you so much for commenting and I am really pleased you found it helpful.

I am exactly the same as you, constantly striving to improve me and then I forget to just spend 10 seconds telling someone on YouTube that they made a great video today.

It all adds up!

9/22/2011 13:55:17


I am moved that my post played a part in inspiring your working this Equinox. I resonate so deeply with the work of balancing and justice in all our worlds.

In reading your post, I was suddenly reminded of the upcoming Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement. It feels fitting at a time of harvest to also sit with where we have failed ourselves and our communities, and commit to rebalancing the scales for next season's harvest.

9/23/2011 02:06:21


Thank you for the comment. Crafting the Sacred always has lots of great food for thought so it is easy to get inspired!

I hadn't thought about Yom Kippur but that is certainly an interesting aspect as well.

9/23/2011 20:03:47

Great post, Antara! In spite of the shame of being American. I am doing what i can to bring peace to the world by becoming peaceful in my heart and sharing it with others.

9/23/2011 21:06:18

A lovely post, Antara - thank you for this timely reminder to align ourselves with balancing energies.
Blessings of Balance to All

9/24/2011 01:36:38


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment.

As long as there are American's like you I think we will be ok in the end. I have seen how much positivity you are putting out into the world!

9/24/2011 01:38:42

Thank you for commenting Suzana. I have just been to check out your blog and been awed by your project! That is a really beautiful set of prayer beads.



9/24/2011 01:46:25

Antara, what a great idea - kind of like a new year for justice and balance, as Samhain is the new year for the cycle of life, and January is the new year for the sun. :-)

9/24/2011 02:01:20

Hi Elinor

I am so pleased you like the idea, it is a sort of new year for justice and a balance and something which I feel is either missing or underemphasised in modern paganism.

By the way, I see from your blog you are based in Scotland - it is lovely to meet another UK Pagan on this big internet!



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