Folk Music is for life...not just for Summer. - The Witches Table
I can't help it... I love Pagan Folk, I know it isn't cool or fashionable but I don't care.  Somethings we imprint on young and Folk music is, for me, just one of those things. 

So I wanted to do a quick round up of my current favourites. 

1. Sharon Knight and T.Thorn Coyle - I felt for a long time that Pagan Chanting had been blessed with Z Budapest's work but there was little else out there.  Sharon Knight and T.Thorn Coyle have produced two amazing CDs of modern Pagan chants which are truly stunning.
2. Spiral Dance - more classic folk but with fantastic lyrics which really draw on the Pagan experience.  Spiral Dance is one of the bands who are unashamedly writing songs about life as a Pagan.  Given the lack of cultural expression Paganism has in the mainstream media, being able to listen to music with lyrics so clearly describing my life experience is a real joy.
3. Omnia - A dark folk band who draw on a diverse range of sources for their inspiration. The second I heard The Raven I was in love with Omnia's work.  Who doesn't want a bit of Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare set to music.
4. Damh the Bard - Damh is a regular on the UK Pagan scene, host of the fabulous Druidcast podcast and gifted musician.  I don't mind admitting that every time he calls this home of mine Albion I am filled with and overwhelming sense of the land I live on.
5. Hagalaz' Runedance - I was always going to enjoy music inspired by Norse mythology and Runes, but Hagalaz Runedance introduced me to folk with a definite Scandinavian and Germanic twist which was fresh and exciting (fresh to a committed UK Folk fan anyway).  I have found a deepening of my relationship with the runes and Norse Deities through their music which has been absolutely joyful.
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9/30/2011 09:50:30

9/30/2011 09:52:25

Oooh, thanks for the heads up - I will investigate some of these.

It's funny you mention Omnia's Raven, when I was teaching Historical Context of Theatre to my students we covered Gothic and I played them this (trying to engage at multiple levels), told them it was by a group called Omnia and they loved it. I was really amused to see essays coming into me talking about a Pagan band. Most amusing!! Made me smile while I was marking the essays, which is good because most of the time I despair at the level of English!

10/2/2011 02:17:05

Hiya Darkpurplemoon

It tickles me so very much that you used Omnia in a lesson! I saw a rap version of the Pit and the Pendulum online ages ago which was also excellent.

I love it when people take classical works and put them to music - they do a great take on Macbeth and I will never forget when I heard Loreena McKennit's rendition of The Lady of Shallott for the first time! Amazing stuff.

10/2/2011 07:32:57

Antara, thanks for all of these recommendations. I knew about Sharon Knight, T. Thorn Coyle and Damh the Bard already, but not the others. Thanks :-)

10/2/2011 10:39:46

Hi Elinor

I really hope you enjoy them, Omnia in particular have a special place in my heart!


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