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Coming in from the Psychic Cold.
Disclaimer: This isn’t a “how-to” blog post.  This is a message to hang on in there.

Just a short post today after my mammoth exploration into AltarWork.  I wanted to recount some of my personal experiences with both being and not-being psychic.  When I first started out in Paganism over 10 years ago I didn’t think or feel like I had a psychic bone in me.  I freely admit to feeling very jealous of those for whom psychic experiences came so easily. 

When I did start to have pagan spiritual experiences they seemed to be “all in my own mind” and I constantly questioned whether they were real, whether or not they felt real or whether I had made them up.

But I kept going, I kept trying, I kept reading books and getting advice and doing exercises and trying to let it all just flow.

Many years down the line and psychic work still doesn’t come easily (it probably never will and I am o.k. with that) but it does come.  I still have days of extreme doubt but I can shrug that off and concentrate on what is important and hear the messages the Universe is trying to tell me.  Sometimes the messages are images in my mind, sometimes I just feel energy moving in different areas of my body, rarely I hear things and rarer still I see things with my eyes. But I did it and from a standing start.   There was no big bang.  I didn’t read the one perfect book and wake up seeing ghosts round every corner, but I did get here.   So can you if you want to.

Just hang on in there.

9/9/2011 03:25:56

Thanks for this! It resonates...

9/9/2011 04:10:27

Dear Allyson

Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I am really pleased this post resonated with you.

When I first started and was struggling so much with "not being psychic" I wish that I had been able to read a blog post like this one. It would have saved a lot of time I spent being too hard on myself. That is why I wanted to put this message out there.




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