So I wanted to write more about body-spirit integration. This is such a difficult subject to write about because (especially for women) there are a million myths about how we should look, what we should eat and how we should live. The narratives we hold about food and body are so personal and full of judgment about ourselves and each other.  As a feminist I believe that the stories that Western culture tells about women's bodies are terribly damaging and really diminishes us.

Therefore I know this is territory which should be negotiated sensitively. What extra weight damages my health because of my genes and lifestyle, might be fine and healthy on another person. What healthy foods I can afford, may not be within the reach of someone else.

In our world of abundant junk food making the choices which are "right" for us is really hard.  Most people who are telling you something about food have an agenda and often, that agenda, is selling you something…whether they are selling a Super-sized Mega Burger, gluten-free bread or a weight loss plan.

My belief is that we all need to find a place where we are happy and healthy and that place will be different for everyone. We all have different histories, different environments, different genes so why would one solution fit everyone.  Now I do think that there are some broad principles which apply (as we are all human beings after all!) lots of fresh fruit and veg, not too much fat, protein, vitamins and mineral and exercise.  Living by those principles is really a question of what works for us as individuals. What could be a greater integration than feeding your body according to its individual needs and not according to advertising or guilt.

So this is all really a preamble to saying that when I talk about food and body I only speak for myself.  But hopefully you will find my journey interesting…

My recent journey started with Weight Watchers in September, as I decided to lose weight for my health (I have a history of high cholesterol in my family which I am keen to avoid). It continued with Leonie's Radiant Goddess course.  The first taught me to "respect food" the second taught me that a healthy diet is about consciously eating foods which are nutrient dense - literally feeding your body with great food.  It seems obvious now but how can you function at an intensely spiritual level if you are not keeping your body fed with really nourishing food.  Nourishing not merely filling.

Seeing eating as a form of feeding your spiritual as well as physical body is something which has always resonated with me but discovering the Raw Food Movement recently has made it more and more exciting.

In future posts I want to review and talk more about the Radiant Goddess course (the links will be affiliate links so it that is annoying just walk on by!).

5/21/2012 06:00:03 am

How funny, just today I have started up (another) blog, this time soley focusing on my diet and exercise! I have not taken the spiritual angle like you have, I want it to be focused! Well as focused as I get anyway!

5/21/2012 06:10:57 am

:) I saw that. But I already have separate blogs for Role-Playing and Knitting!! Can't have too many...


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