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I find that at some point in my friendships with Magickal practitioners of all stripes this phrase will come up. Usually I am spending time talking with my friend about some issue or problem and it surprises me that they haven’t even tried a magickal solution.  Obviously magick isn’t appropriate for all problems (I talk about that more here) and it may not even be your first choice for a solution – Magick is hard work (harder than filling in job applications, or putting your details up on a dating website) but there are times when Magick is absolutely the best thing to do and yet it seems to far away from the minds of those who believe in it.

Why is this?

It seems to me that this is indicative of a lack of integrated thinking (something I am just as guilty of as anyone else).  When a problem comes up in our lives we run through all our options for solving it, seldom do these options include Magick.  I suggest this is because for many people they have an ordinary life and a Magickal life and the two are kept in very separate boxes.  There are excellent reasons for having those boxes – my career is traditional and conservative (although I am not) it would negatively affect my career if the two boxes got mixed up. But the boundaries we place around magick and Paganism often prevent us from realising how far that Magick can take us.

I am on a journey for the next couple of years to achieve a more balanced integration and I hope to be logging a lot of that journey in these pages.

So some of the mundane things I have successfully used magick for (either solely or as part of a group):

    Getting a job.
    Finding lost items.
    Protecting a beautiful, old tree from a spate of vandalism.
    Hiding my house from the eyes of thieves.
    Shielding my car against driving accidents.
    Using essential oils and herbal teas for clarity and energy at work and at home.

So my suggestion is thus...

Next time you need a little extra help with something, anything, even something mundane and silly like finding your car keys, just take 5 seconds to think about whether Magick might help. If you decide it would help...then USE IT!

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