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As part of my Imbolc celebrations this year (big post on that coming soon!) I sat down with my festive meal and thought about asking Bridgit to fill my heart with inspiration for the coming year.

As I was sitting thinking about this I had my own flash of inspiration:  "Antara, don't be asking Bridgit for inspiration without having a plan for finding it yourself."  The essence of this thought being, I should draw up my own plan for getting lots of inspiration and then ask Bridgit to top me up. In this way I was making my own commitment to getting inspiration before asking Bridgit to bestow it on me - showing Her that I was indeed serious about it and ensuring I had also made that commitment to myself.

I think it is likely that having made this commitment to get inspiration then it will come to me - because I'll be open to it and sub-consciously seeking it out!

So over Imbolc I completed a list of 5 things I can do to keep the inspiration fire burning brightly.

What can I do to keep the Fire of Inspiration Burning inside me?

1. I will read and listen and watch films, go for walks, dance and play and immerse myself in inspiring things created by others.  I will live a life suffused with the creativity of others and appreciate it.  Plays, poetry, books, blogs, ideas, films, art and nature - if I live in
these I will always have an inspirational fire.  SARK speaks and
writes eloquently about how living surrounded by books and other
people's art and creativity has kept her well of inspiration overflowing for years and I love that idea, that inspirations in others feeds the inspiration in us.  Inspiration is not a zero-sum game people!

2. I will write and continue to publish my words.  I trust that the
more I use my inspired creativity the more I will get.  Inspiration
and Creativity are renewable resources!

3. I will acknowledge and seek out people who inspire me and soak up their lessons.  When I find inspiring people, I will tell them they
inspire me, to inspire them to keep doing what they are doing!

4. I will schedule in time to switch off, laptops, phones, television,
music and just listen to the quiet voices within.

5. I will offer up my own creative works to Bridgit in honour of Her
and in return ask for Her Fire to help me create more and more things.
2/5/2012 13:00:25

YOU are inspiring! Thanks for the witchy wisdom.

2/5/2012 14:53:53

Thank you that is so kind!

2/5/2012 21:28:54

*grins* - Antara, I LOVED your insight that asking for inspiration might work better if you created your own plan for finding it yourself. Such a great kick-in-the-butt reminder for me.

There's an ancient Arabic saying (well, alleged ancient Arabic, anyway - I have no idea if it's apocryphal) that runs "Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel" I've found myself with MANY opportunities to apply that to the daily tasks and goals in my life, and I love that you've just reminded me of it again!

Blessings - TANJA

2/6/2012 00:23:16

Hah! I love that saying!

I hope you get full up with inspiration over the next year.

2/6/2012 20:14:56

I never thought of it this way, but how brilliant to decide what to do for inspiration before asking for help!

2/7/2012 14:38:35

Thanks for the comment - I am hoping that the commitment will make me more open to receiving/noticing the inspiration all around me!


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