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I was flicking back through my last few blog posts and they seemed to have concentrated on self empowerment a great deal.  Now that is important and I truly belief that unpacking and examining your own psyche is essential for practical magic work but I felt like it was time to give a little bit more of an insight into the nuts and bolts of Antara’s ritual work personal.

I don’t tend to use a lot of physical tools in my personal magical practice but rely more on visualisations, trance work, meditation and getting my psychology in the right place.  Any physical tools I do use will be as an extension of my visualisation work and deliberately keyed to create certain emotions and thought processes in my mind.  This works in two ways

  1. I have certain formulas, mental exercises, breathing exercises, smells, music and sights which will (if I wish) quickly get me into a ritual state of mind to work magick.
  2. I will use other smells, environments, physical objects, herbs, sigils, drumming etc. to build energy for ritual work, build up new correspondences and to use as physical triggers to execute the magickal work done internally.  That is not to say these objects don’t have their own energy which I might be using to either make the direction of my own will flow more easily or augment what I am doing.

Group work for me involve trying to attune myself as much as possible to those people I am working with and to build up shared triggers and associations. I read widely and practise lots of things but always with a view to building a core of practices, ideas and exercise I can call on with ease and confidence. 

7/29/2011 10:11:13

Any chance of expending point 2 to clarify how you use 'headlogy' or expand out your work into external from mind?

7/29/2011 10:53:29

Great question.

Under point 1 I have various techniques I have used for year, precisely to build up a lot of energy and association.

Under point 2 I will use stimuli which will provoke an emotional or spiritual response keyed into the specific working I am doing but which I don't have years of association with. Although things can move from point 2 into point 1 if I use them often enough.

For example if I am doing a ritual for protection I will settle myself into my preferred mental state using the tools from point one, then I might draw the rune of protection Algiz in my mind, whilst I am standing in the position which corresponds to Algiz. To move from the headspace into external magic I might speak or chant the name of the rune, as I felt it vibrating through my body the sense of the rune becomes consuming and I feel like my physical and aetheric bodies are both vibrating as the same frequency as the rune. To then "fix" this state of being, so it becomes an active piece of magic on me I might then inscribe the rune on my forearm with a temporary ink.

So I use the energy of the Rune which is already protective to a) align my own energy in the same way to transmute my own energy into a protective energy AND b) leverage the existing energy of the rune itself. Stacking the one effect on top of the other. Other magicks might use herbs or other tools, but runework in this way is one of my favourites because speaking the rune in a way which vibrates it through your whole body is a powerfully visceral way to get the magick out of my head and into reality. You can literally feel the energy of it coursing through your body and are in this way completely aware of it having moved externally.

I think that moving it to the external by use of external stimuli is really important in my current practice. Maybe in a few years I'll be able to do it all in my head but currently the internal-external connection is vital for enabling me to "believe" it has worked - which is most of the battle a lot of the time right?

Hmmm - maybe this should be a blog post all on its own!


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