Pagan Federation, Happy 40th Anniversay to you! - The Witches Table
The Pagan Federation in the UK is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Happy Birthday PF! 

They are holding a special 40th Anniversary conference on the 8th October details are here. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page for all the details.

There are some familiar heavyweights speaking this year from Ronald Hutton, to Vivienne Crowley, Maxine Sanders and Marian Green and some interesting workshops including one on Seidr by Katie Gerrard which I am itching to get into.

I’ll be attending in the daytime and if anyone else is going drop me a line as I would love to bump into you there!

10/6/2011 06:46:01

woot! It is going to be a great day!

10/6/2011 07:08:37

Apart from the Katie Gerrard Workshop did anything else catch your eye?

10/6/2011 17:17:49

See you there Antara! I like the sound of "Echoes of the Goddess: A Quest for the Sacred Feminine in the British Landscape" by Simon Brighton. Plus Ron Hutton is always worth listening to!
Should be an interesting day..........

10/7/2011 10:34:44

I know what you mean about Ron Hutton, Amalthea. I once saw him do a great rendtion of Io Pan.

5/14/2012 09:28:17

Thanks for details


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