You may remember one of my goals this year was to achieve better
integration of my spiritual and physical lives.

So far things have been going well (despite the lack of blogging!)

I have been getting more comfortable with being open and fluid with my spirituality generally.  In particular I have found walking at
lunchtime has become a cornerstone of my practice.  I take a 50 minute walk by the canal at least 3 sometimes 4 lunchtimes a week.

I use that opportunity to feed:

 - my body with exercise
 - my soul with the rhythm of the water and trees
 - my mind with meditation and space to think away from the internet, phones, people and expectation. 

So far so good.

But a period of ill health and stress in April put a bit of a spanner
in the works.  Nothing too serious but I hit a point where I just
wanted to feel well again.  I came out of that period straight into a
holiday with friends, this was amazing fun and very restful but didn't help me re-establish a healthy routine for getting more integrated. 

Now I am starting to get back into that healthy routine and I am really feeling the benefits.

The reason I am blogging this on a spirituality blog…well this is all
about integration baby!  If my body, mind and spirit aren't all
pulling together then no amount of magick is going to help.  In the
first part of the year I started to merge the two separate areas of my
mind (Work Antara and Spiritual Antara) that has been going well but I have now hit a point where I need to pull my body into line as well.

I have be working on eating more healthily and getting more exercise since September last year and doing well.  But after my holiday I needed to give my body a little extra boost to get over the illness and stress.  So I started by revisting Leonie Dawson's Radiant Goddess course.

This is 21 day course with great videos, recipes, inspiration and
ideas for incorporating more movement in your life.  But above all it
is not a diet, not about punishing yourself but more about including
things in your life which are joyful and supportive.  That is a
philosophy I can really get behind.

More on this coming up!
5/17/2012 06:05:52 am

I know the feeling about loosing track of your practice, I'm recovering from a nasty bug that the docs said could be anything from meningitis to an appendicitis, luckily I only had strained my tummy muscles from being sick. But now to return to solid food in a healthy way with my morning practice is my object, wish me luck!

5/17/2012 05:59:18 pm


Thanks for commenting Cat - I thought people might have forgotten about me ;) I am so pleased it was strained tummy muscles and not meningitis or an appendicitis. I have known several people who have had one or other of those and they are so nasty and unpleasant with terribly long recovery times!

I am hoping to post a bit more about my increasing healthy body practice so if you want to buddy up for the journey then just say so!


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