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So as I was working on Project Antara this afternoon my mind turned to ritual preferences.  Over the years I have tried lots of things I have definite preferences for things I want in the rituals I attend.  I am not bossy enough to insist on every single ritual I attend falling into line with these wants and frankly that would be dull, variety is the spice of life.  But I think I have some preferred ways of getting me in the mood so to speak.

I have mentioned on this blog before about a "ritual head space" and what I really mean by that is the state of alternate consciousness where you can feel the energy in a ritual flowing about you, there is a rhythm to the universe which you hook into and it is as if you are vibrating in alignment with everything, everywhere.  That alignment then allows me to do magick just like rowing a boat down river along with the current.  But being a fickle and earthly creature how I get there and whether I can maintain it is based on lots of things outside my own willpower.

So this is my version of a sort of magical foreplay to get me in the mood.

1. Ritual clothing - I need to change into something special to shed myself of the associations of everyday work I am carrying in my work-a-day clothing.

2. No Scripts - I almost never achieve this one, unless I am working on my solitary ritual.  I'll be honest as well and admit that sometimes I need a script as much as the next person - being too lazy or busy to memorise what I need/ought to.  But the constant rustling bits of paper (including by me) is a real distraction for me and even when I use a script I try to be discreet.

3. One or all of music, candles and incense - all of these make it very easy for me to move into my ritual headspaces.

4. People who don't seem to take it seriously - I don't expect everyone to be sombre, ceremonial ritualists never speaking except to intone their Latin incantations. But I would prefer that everyone who goes to a ritual with me at least pretends they are taking the rite and magic seriously and acts respectfully.  A few laughs is fine, and important to alleviate nerves and be welcoming to new comers.  But making witty quips throughout a ritual - really not ok by me! Especially when people are interrupting quarter callers etc. to make their jokes.

Hah! I doubt anyone will want to get into a circle again with me now!

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