Thinking and Acting - The Witches Table
Yesterday there was no website.  This morning I got up at 6.50am and before I even started my morning Yoga I decided to give it a go.  Just a start, a little embryonic seed to see if I could do it.  Sitting here at the very beginning I am wondering if this seed will germinate or if this webpage will be consigned to the forgotten edges of the internet but either way, I am making the start and learning new things.

My honest and open hope for this site is that it will serve to remind or show other women from all backgrounds and all ages (including me on darker days) that they are valuable, that they know amazing things and that they can accomplish anything.  I have found many ways to accomplish things in my life, Magic has just been one of them. It has been a real learning curve to intertwine magic through my whole life and I am still trying as you will see from my bio. But every step of the way has been rewarding, enriching, motivating and powerful - even the bits that really hurt!

But the real revelation with the Witches Circle Squared came when we all realised that we all constantly underestimated ourselves.  So this post is a reminder to my Ladies that we said we could try to write handbooks or e-courses or lectures and this is a place we could publish them.


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