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I have been getting pretty over-stressed recently.  This is certainly due to doing a full time demanding job and a part-time demanding Masters course; but recently I reached a level of stress which needed to be dealt with.  So I started to take some steps towards getting it under control.  Things like: increasing how much meditation I do and decreasing how much caffeine I drink. Eating more organic fruit and veg and practising letting things go.  But I have been looking for something else, something extra to help me on the path to wellness. The last time things got bad Amalthea gave me some Sacred Esoteric Healing which was very profound and incredibly helpful. I knew I needed a similar boost.  So I booked an aromatherapy massage and then one of my Ladies offered to give me a Reiki session.

Reiki is one of those things I am aware of, much like crystals and astrology, but I don't know much about. However I had heard it is great for shifting energy and so I jumped at the chance. I didn't know a huge amount about it other than the fact it involved healing with a sort of universal energy.  In fact I think it is similar to the energy I have been trying to connect with in my own healing meditations (which haven't been going so well but that is another blog post).  I have since stumbled across this related blog - How to Raise Your Vibration, which I have been finding really fascinating.

So how did the session go for me.  Amazing and frustrating, brilliantly and unexpectedly, but absolutely worth every minute.  I started with a real block, I was tired and stressed and found it monumentally hard to relax and go with it.  The longer it took to relax the more stressed I got and the more I was resisting the process.  This was all the more frustrating because I was trying *so hard* (ha ha ha!) not to block anything.  After a while though things began to loosen up and I could feel the energy start to move.  Which was a huge relief!

What did the process feel like?

It was unlike anything I had experienced before.  It was not like meditation or hypnosis.  It wasn't like shamanic journeying either.  In meditation I feel like there is nothing in the world but my consciousness which is vast and endless.  In shamanic work I have experienced the sense of travelling outside of myself.  At the peak of this experience I felt tiny, that my consciousness was incredibly small compared to awareness I had of the vastness of the universe.  I also experienced a profound sense of a shift in energy and a really staggering awareness of my heart chakra. 

At the end of the process...

Upon coming back into the present moment, I felt significant changes in my own energy and in my awareness of everything else.  It was only at this point that I realised how cut off I had become from the ebb and flow of the universe.

It felt like I really appreciating the magical universe again in a way I hadn't in ages.  In fact it reminded me a bit of the Delphiniums I photographed last year.  I remember seeing them and feeling like I had never really seen "blue" before that day.  The photograph in no way does these flowers justice!

I think that this experience has started a process, a process I now can build on.  Will I go back for more?  Absolutely!  But this has sparked an idea of something even more interesting.  I am now considering taking a course in Reiki (not right now, but when I am a little less busy).  The reason I am thinking about that...(whether or not healing is a calling for me) is that I am not sure there is a better course in energy work.  It seems like a fundamental and important way of improving my other skills and something I need to think about.
7/11/2011 03:06:26

Oh yikes, I know EXACTLY what you mean... And so I just did Reiki 1 attunement!!. Blew my mind. But ive found it hard to talk about. I highly recommend 'Richmond Reiki' to train or practice with.
Loving this blog, do keep it coming!

7/11/2011 13:52:01

Cool! Send me a link will you, I would be very interested to check it out and talk it all over with you.


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