A Little Bit of Re-adjustment - The Witches Table
I just returned from a fantastic holiday with 23 other people.  Many of them are close friends, in some cases friends of over 10 years standing.  As far as I know I am the only pagan amongst them.  What binds us together is very different from paganism but nevertheless powerful.

It took me a couple of days to adjust to the energy of the group - not least because I was sharing a living space with 11 other people which is not my normal state.  After those two days I adjusted completely to the energy and had the most amazing time.  Because much of the holiday was spent just being in each other's company, pottering around, chatting, connecting, cooking together or simply being in the same room quietly reading; by the end of the holiday there is a really strong and tangible sense of connection between everyone (even people who may not have know each other so well at the start).  Usually when we humans meet up with other people it is to do "something".  It is normally only family, partners and maybe flatmates with whom we do "nothing".  But doing nothing can create some of the strongest bonds there are. 

I am still in the grip of that intense connected headspace; even though I have been back at home for some time now.  I am desperately trying to switch it off because it is not the right energetic space in which I normally live my life and I am feeling bone tired and cannot concentrate on any of my usual projects - which I want to pick up and run with since I have left them fallow for a week.  I expect that when I emerge from this odd space I am currently in then I shall have been refreshed for all my other projects but for now I am trying to wind down one part of my mind and gear up another...and that is not as easy as it sounds.  At least I can at least see that this is what is happening rather than snapping at everyone around me and/or beating myself up for being lazy. 

I am sorting of hoping that by posting here I can be shifting myself back into the desired energetic space.

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