Something about rolling stones and moss.
The last year of my Spiritual Life has been all about integrating. 

I am not there yet but the distinct parts of myself (especially the work and spiritual sides) are moving closer into alignment.  During this process I have also been doing a course of business related study.  In my "old life" this would have been kept strictly compartmentalised but now I just keeping seeing how these techniques apply to Spiritual growth just as much as Profit growth.

In fact, I have been becoming more and more interested in supercharging my Spiritual growth instead of sitting back and letting it happen. 

Now, I am not saying you shouldn't listen to the Universe/Gods/Goddesses/your own Inner Wisdom.  Rather I am saying that we can take charge of how much spiritual development we do, we can direct it, and *make* the time to Listen to the Universe.  In fact waiting around and hoping spiritual enlightenment "happens" is probably the best way to make sure it doesn't. 

I am coming to the conclusion that I need a Spiritual Strategy and a way of keeping myself accountable to that plan.

Like many others I have often found myself distracted by shiny new tools, techniques and spiritual ideas.  For the avid Seeker the abundance of Yoga, meditation techniques, crystals, schools of magic, deities, tarot sets, runes, dowsing, astrology etc can be exciting and overwhelming.  Too often I have found myself unable to master one thing because I got excited by something else...and importantly...I had no means of judging what shiny thing served me best at the time. 

The idea of a Spiritual Strategy which I can use to help me choose between the millions of cool spiritual ideas out there is immensely empowering.

At first this whole process seemed so huge and full of possibilities I couldn't get a grip on it.  But after some thinking and processing and writing Lots of Lists.  I formed an Action Plan...  which is coming up in part 2.
2/26/2012 12:59:43 am

Personalized plans of action are wonderful for SO many reasons - they give you goals to strive for and little victories to celebrate as you check each one off, for one. They let you break big overwhelming goals into tiny easily managed goals...or at least small totally doable goals. I look forward to seeing your spiritual plan of action! <3

2/26/2012 01:06:36 am

Hi Ashley

Thanks for the comment. I am such a natural planner so it really staggers me that I didn't think of this earlier. Guess that is one of the side effects of compartmentalising too much eh!

2/26/2012 02:30:28 am

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your Action Plan - thanks for such an interesting post!

2/26/2012 02:49:38 am

I am so pleased you found it interesting. I am really looking forward to posting the next installment!

2/26/2012 03:00:04 am

Yes, what a great idea! Looking forward to hearing more about it

2/26/2012 03:05:04 am

Dear Samantha

Thanks for your kind comment. I think I'll be blogging a lot about these ideas for the next little while. My head is fairly fizzy with them!

2/26/2012 09:12:56 am

This is fantastic! I have the very same affliction that causes me to gravitate towards all things new & shiny!!!! This year I started working with a Life Coach who is helping me become a better planner & more importantly, a better finisher....

Can't wait to hear more about your journey!

2/26/2012 03:20:04 pm

Hi Anne

Thanks for the comment. The problem with Shiny Things is that they *are* so shiny. I would love to hear how your life coach is helping you in your path though.

Stay tuned for part 2

2/26/2012 11:23:44 am

I journal daily, both a dream and waking journal. I meditate and do a light daily yoga practice supplemented by a weekly class. I attend community rituals as I can and am 9 years in to an 11 year oath regarding my spiritual activity. As long as you can be disciplined and organized there is much you can achieve.

2/26/2012 03:22:38 pm

I am in complete agreement with you - in fact part of the next post in the series is about how we all *have the time* it is merely how we choose to spent it.

I also want to be sure that all the things I am doing are right for where I am going. I have certainly been stuck in spiritual groups which didn't serve me in the past and it took me a long time to realise it. It sounds like you are gorgeously organised though...and I am a girl who loves me some organisation!

2/27/2012 01:21:02 am

I've been married to not one, but two Virgos, while not in my nature, at this point it's a survival technique.

2/26/2012 03:16:31 pm

Interesting post, Antara. I've been through phases in my life where I definitely have "spiritual shiny object syndrome" - I don't feel as though I'm there now, but I wouldn't be surprised to suddenly find myself there again at some point.

(although on the business side of things, it's definitely a different matter - shiny object syndrome to the max!)

2/26/2012 03:25:57 pm

On the other hand it isn't a bad thing that we find so much inspiration and cool stuff all around us.

I know what you mean about Shiny Business things - since I have been doing my MBA it is all so exciting!

2/27/2012 01:58:46 am

What a wonderful idea! I'm a terrible planner, though it's something I'm trying to get better at. And the idea of incorporating planning into spiritual growth is fantastic. I can't count how many times I've told myself "Now is the time to work on your spiritual self, Gaelach" and then find myself standing in a mire of information, not sure where to start!

Much love,

2/27/2012 05:00:59 am

Thanks Gaelach!

By the way I think you are doing some great spiritual work at the moment if your last blog post is anything to go by. I will definitely be watching where you are going next, Amazon lady!

2/27/2012 10:52:45 am

I love the idea of all the tools as shiny new toys!!! Helps me sort it all out.

2/27/2012 03:03:25 pm

I am pleased it helps, unfortunately I like toys especially shiny ones and so it is still a constant battle for me. #sadface


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